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Customer Information Dna

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ANSWER : Collection of data from customer, with or without customer approval. Data collection can be done through direct interaction with the customer or using software that records data from browser cookies, amount of time spent per page, number of page viewed, most visited page and page re-visited continuously. (Hauser W, 2007 ‘Marketing Analytics: the evolution of marketing research in the twenty first century’, Direct Marketing: An international journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 38-54).

Customer DNA is designed to segment the customer into his or her DNA Pattern, cause each individual is different or unique. Segmentation is done into DNA pattern of Internet demographics, product interests and browsing patterns, this segmentation not only provides information about standard demographic and behavioral data but also information about consumer internet transactional patterns. Customer information DNA will continue to evolve and develop as human DNA through the lifecycle of the customer, therefore marketing analysts should keep the data updated. With the help of mapping of customer information DNA customer behaviors, Attitude and preference can predict customer future behavior.

In order to map the customer information DNA. There are three processes diagnostic models (Segmented &Profiled), Predicted modeling (predict future behavior) , Decision predicted modeling (customer’s future purchasing health and well-being).

Segmentation helps the marketer to have better understanding about the unique customer, but segmenting correctly does not mean purchase of product. Once the customer is segmented the marketer can move to predicted stage and using all the information can attempt to predict the customer future behavior. In the third process of decision predicted modeling the purchase of product is done by using information DNA.

All this lead to develop decision tree and process that will help to understand customer needs and action, which will help to deliver right product offering at right time to the right customer which will make the marketing campaign much more profitable.

For Example:

You-tubers (Marketer) can use Mapping Customer DNA while promoting their channel. Use indirect data collection method like from which part of the world viewers are watching their post, from which page are the viewers redirected to their youtube channel and how many of them are subscribing their channel and revisiting the channel to view the video. Direct Information can be collected by the comments of the viewer on the youtube post and decision can be taken accordingly for the future post. All this information is collected by youtube and can be viewed by the marketer in their youtube Analytical tool. All this information collected help the marketer to understand the needs and wants of the viewer and accordingly the marketer can make necessary changes in the post and increase the



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