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Online Customer Services

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Services Offer


In order to let consumer gain awareness and expand our Red Mango business, we will create an official website that is www.RedMango.com.my for our business. In our website, we will provide detailed nutrition information of our frozen yogurt product and we will also provide latest information of our yogurt product. Other than that, consumer can sign up to Club Mango to become a member to gain access privileges to information about latest promotion and able to join events that only members can. Besides that, people that would want to set up franchising in Malaysia can surf our website to have the information they needed.

Online customer services

To further improve customer satisfaction toward our brand, customer able to ask inquires about product or feedback after consuming our product by sending to our e-mails at the website. We will assure that we will reply customer inquiries and feedback within the 24 hours.

Besides that, we have a Facebook and Twitter Fan Page that will post latest information and product through these Fan pages. Customer also can express their view on the information posted by leaving comments.



Our Red Mango frozen dessert store lot will be located at the Queensbay Mall which is in Penang Island. Our store will be at the right zoned because the place is crowded with people therefore there is no need of rezoning. The reason is because the operating hours of the shopping mall is about 12 hours long which means that we have more working hours that will earn us more profit. Also, the shopping malls consist of 8 storeys of parking lots available therefore it is convenience for people to park their cars due to mass parking lot available. Other than that, there will have regular bus transportation available that will stop right in front of the shopping mall.

Overall, consumer able to come by to visit our store without having problem coming to the shopping mall because there is public transportation available and mass parking lots.

Demographic data for trading area

Penang Island is the most populated Island in Malaysia which consists of 704,376 people. Also, it is a popular place that best known for holiday destination. The area has college, a well known shopping mall which is the place that we are currently setting up the business and a residential area that near the Queensbay Mall. Therefore, the area mostly have college student, family, regular shopper, families, working adults and people that love active lifestyle. The age range will be mostly from 15 to 45 years old and will be categorize in low or middle income since most of the people living at Penang Island are teenagers and adults.

Overall, the area



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