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Cyber Security

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Essay Preview: Cyber Security

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Title: Cyber security




Table of Contents

Part A:        3

Part 2:        6

1.  Understand the drivers behind cyber security investments        8

2. Review IT portfolio        9

3. Conduct a risk assessment        9

4. Develop a strategic cyber security improvement plan        10

Bibliography        11

Part A:

In today’s digitized world, cyber security has become vital for state and a priority of the government. Consumers and businesses will be safe if there is increased cyber security, the critical infrastructures on which our economy depends will be available, and national security will be strengthened. Nevertheless, the efforts made for cyber security must be cautiously tailored so that privacy, liberty, innovation, and the open nature of the Internet is preserved. Moreover, to plan an operative and stable cyber security policy, the critical infrastructure of each part of country must be considered independently. Policy to administrative systems can be much more prescriptive than policy toward private systems. The openness, decentralized and user-controlled nature, and its support for innovation and free expression has made internet a success and it can be put at risk if heavy-handed policies are endorsed. “One-size-fits-all” approach is taken by some cyber security offers. This paper suggests alternative approaches that would protect the privacy and liberty of Internet users and promote rather than stifle innovation. The provision of self-defense in present-day law already empowers communications businesses to share occasion information with the government in order to advance support in responding to a cyber-attack. Instead of permitting the administration to clutch such information from companies or monitor private systems for attacks, reasons should be established to inspire firms to share this material. Moreover, recognition and verification needs should focus on particularly subtle dealings and connections, thus user anonymity is preserved for political speech and protecting flow of information on the Internet. If the cyber security program is transparent it will build the sureness and faith that is crucial to industry and public support for cyber security measures.

To add more, cyber security measures can be sub-categorized into three processes. Each of the three poses its own special challenges:

  • Knowledge about cyber security threats and intrusions;
  • Hardening threat targets; and
  • Responding to attacks. (Nojeim,n.d)

In addition, learning about treats and intrusions is a significant process. The government units trying to learn about cyber threats and intrusions have intelligently and suitably distinguished between government structures and those functioned by the private sector. In order to develop an awareness of intrusions into the systems the government monitors its own systems, as an owner and operator of important computer systems and networks. In addition, if the government is to play a role in helping private sector critical structure operators advance their safety, it must also grow a level of understanding about those systems and the kinds of coercions and impositions they face. However, as the ex-President Obama has guaranteed, a perfect line should be drawn so that the administration is not in the business of checking traffic on private networks (Nojeim).

In every walk of our lives, we need technology today. We have made ourselves largely dependent on technology. The term ‘cyber’ has now been deeply rooted in our language as well as on our mindset, due to the fact that our society today depends so much on technology. “Cyber” has been originated   from the word “cybernetics” whose meaning is “through the use of a computer” there is another term “Security” which is a broad topic that includes the security of countries from military or terrorist attack, the security of computers from crackers, home security from burglars and other intruders, financial security from economic collapse, and many other related situations. Basically, cyber security covers three areas. The first area is availability: in which users have access to the system because your ICT is available to them. The second area is integrity: the third party cannot delete or change a stored accurate data. If such a thing happens that a third party deleted of modifies the data it can be recovered through backups.  The third and last area cyber security covers is confidentiality: the users who are confidential can access to your ICT and data. The unauthorised parties cannot get access through any means. (Goutam, 2015)

Nowadays, we see that different systems and accounts become the victims of security incidents. To minimise the effect, duties of care is designed. From access of an unauthorised party to your system to unlocking of an electronic lock of a car without a key are all cyber incidents. In short, cyber security is needed to defend ourselves from viruses, malwares, hacks and critical attacks.

The main objective of this study is to know what actually cyber security is and how it helps to reduce the risk to attacks from third parties without our consent and try to use our personal data for unethical purposes. Cyber security has brought ease in peoples’ lives. It has restricted the systems, data and websites from attacks to a greater degree.

Cyber threats are increasing in size and frequency due to which many businesses especially small ones are exceptionally susceptible as a result of unproductive cyber security for every kind of business IT security solutions are needed to secure their data and reputation. (Niekerk, 2013)

The chief advantage of cyber security is that it helps you protect your business because it provides a complete digital safety. Moreover, employees can so work and use internet whenever it is needed. It also protects the personal information. It is seen that a lot of hackers use personal information to steal money as well sell the information which deteriorates your reputation. It gives privacy to the users by protecting them against data theft, by minimising computer freezing and crashing.



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