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Cyber Security Case for Innovation

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Essay Preview: Cyber Security Case for Innovation

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Investment Memo: Cyber Security

What is the problem

Cyber threats and security is an ongoing and evolving challenge for almost all organizations in connected world. Even though there are many solutions that give some level of security for an organizational assets internally that are in organizations control, but there is a huge gap in external threats from connections to these assets from outside as they are not in an organization's control.  Hackers are constantly looking for such vulnerabilities to capitalize on.  It is not possible for an organization to be constantly doing penetration testing to look for vulnerabilities of its assets.  Current solutions fall short.

What is the solution

Cyber’s Hacker monitors the organization's assets from the hacker’s point of view and finds threats from external domains and services and not just internal, regardless of these threats hinge on you or others. The best part is organizations don't have to do anything, the Cyber’s solution will remotely scan these assets and alert the threats. Since this product can run remotely, Cyber already has unique advantage to target market of large financial institutions to present their initial scans of vulnerabilities as entry to earn business.

How big is the market to support growth and valuation multiples?

Current investments in cybersecurity go over $40B and still not sufficient to protect of trillions of transactions that happen over connected trade.  Hacker’s assessment of of monitoring 20 largest financial institutions have that all 20 of them are connected vulnerable asset risks. So, market potential is big.



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