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Mgt 350 - Paradise Part II - Ach

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Essay Preview: Mgt 350 - Paradise Part II - Ach

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Paradise Part II

April 22, 2011


Mr. Thompson

The ideas or Kava Island possibly welcoming ACH be good ones would these ideas be a benefit for the community of Kava. This is part II of the Paradise business scenario in which I will see if any of my ideas can and will be implemented into the decision-making techniques or to see if the appropriate situation is would be a good solution for ACH.

The company cannot ignore the fact that ACH decisions can be made based upon calculated assessments by experience personal of what may occur if the business takes a certain course of action. The financial side is a great tools to decision-making, but the decision making tool should never be mistaken for the decision itself (Ken Langdon, 2001). After looking over the first part of paradise the technique that has been applied to this assignment is brainstorming. Brainstorming is one of the techniques that falls under the affinity diagram. It is a means that gathers a large amounts of language as well as data ( ideas, opinions, issues and organize) them unto team/group based on their natural relationships process is often used to group ideas generated by brainstorming it is also usually created by performing a brainstorming exercise ,and by analyzing verbal data gathered through survey feedback results (grid analysis,1996-2011).

Roughly every choice you make is not natural by those that preceded it and restrictions the choices that will make the future. A decision that, at a moment in time, may seem in important and can trouble you for years into the future. If goals are clear and reliable, you are less likely to keep searching for useless information, and you will be better equipped to assess quickly whether new information is important or not. Second tolerating is almost never going to have all the information you want to make a decision. Uncertainty; you just want to acquire an appropriate amount of information to minimize it. Third take time to think critically and reflect. Although you will tend to keep your decision enteric and options to about seven you are not limited to your immediate memory.

Looking over some of the things I wrote in part I and detailed steps utilized is applying my chosen decision making technique by using the affinity diagram. The first one is organizing a brainstorming assembly concerning a group of individuals who are dedicated to resolving issues based on reason and patterns. Step two documentation individual thoughts on sticky notes or cards. As this stages, the ideas are only collated and not categorized. Third, groups ideas based on prototype similarities. If some ideas become visible to be in the right place to more than one prototype group, create another



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