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Definition Essay

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Phomela Ann M. Tacliad                                                                                                  11 – ABM

Mr. Jan Michael De Asis                                                                                        January 16, 2019

Definition Essay

           An ideal parent is what a lot of children and teens dream of, an ideal parent which follows the things that their child wants, a parent that grants every wish and commands, a parent who does not scold them for doing something wrong, a parent who supports every decision of their child no matter what it is. This is what an ideal parent looks like to others but for me, an ideal parent are the ones who will scold you first because you did something bad, not because they don’t love you but because they care for you. A parent will not tolerate their child just to satisfy their wants because parents always thinks of what the consequences it will make when their child becomes a spoiled brat.

           An ideal parent is a role model that lectures their child about the proper manners when their child does not have it. Good parents are willing to listen to their children’s opinion, feelings and understanding. A parent should accept their children for who they are, not putting to much expectations and pressure to them. They encourage and guide them in making their childrens decision.

          An ideal parent can listen and give advice to their child when they are having a problem. A parent that will not judge their own child and will allow them to be themselves. A parent that will share their time to play and have fun together. A parent that will sacrifice everything to give their children a good and happy life. A parent should not only give material support but also an emotional support, because without it, all those support will be useless.

          There is no perfect parent, but with love and support you can be more than a parent to your child. A parent can be a friend to talk to, a teacher to share knowledge with and especially a parent that will care and be there for you no matter what happens. That is what an ideal parent to me.




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