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Philosophy of Groundhogs Day Movie

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Essay Preview: Philosophy of Groundhogs Day Movie

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in the movie groundhogs day, we see the main charachter Phil Connors, Bill murray, deal with many philosophies. a few include the idea of free will, existentialism, love concurs all, and the idea of fate.

Throughout the movie Phil relives the same day, Groundhogs Day, over and over again. Everyday starts the same, but has a different outcome. It wasn't until Phil started putting others ahead of himself that his life moved on. Throughout the movie we are shown that even though the time doesn't change, a new outcome can always be revealed. This happenes to touch on two subject, the fact that you can change your life with little time, and the idea that fate will over come everything.

Time refused to move on until Phil became a better person. Phil finally decided to put others ahead of himself after going through many tragidies such as many suiside atemptes, being a jerk, and then finally to putting others ahead of himslef.

With time, one can always change their out come. Everything is done with free will, but over all, fate and true love will always concer all. No matter how many obsticals, and trials, it can always be over come.. Phils fate was to become a better person and to end up with Reta

Yikes.. why can I not reach 250 word. well, i was mainly trying to just summerize, but I guess I can not do that. Please ignore this last paragraph. I'm just trying to make it long enough to submit. And also, I'd like to appologize for all the typos... I'm doing this on an i touch and it is quite hard to type on it, so i just decided to let it stay as it is... no time for correcting.



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