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Designing Motivating Jobs

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Designing Motivating Jobs

Organizations design jobs to fit accordingly to an employee's certified skills. Jobs are designed to full fill an organization's duty in making profit and products for the consumer use. In job design there are many aspects to consider for example these jobs are for whom, for what and why. These questions are essential in designing a job so when the job is carried out it can be effectively and efficiently utilized. People are more motivated to do a job in a field that they are good in. Organizations have to specializes jobs and break them into many small parts. These usual practices are often found in manufacturing and the service industry. This is important because logically you can't send a comic artist to do plumbing work, right? After job specialization, comes job expansion. If an employee keeps doing the same job over and over again for long periods of time, it can get boring. Job expansion is by adding or giving more jobs to do but of course it comes with more benefits. After expansion comes enrichment. Employees are given a choice to control and do planning of certain projects in their respective fields of work. By giving employees a more sense of control and responsibility, it gives them a sense of responsibility and by doing that it turns into a form of motivation. Employees would work hard to make their organization succeed. After enrichment comes job empowerment. Employees are give the ability to plan, make decisions and do controlling. This is basically allowing the employee to sail his own boat towards his/her set goals for the benefit of the organization. By doing this, employees are more motivated to reach the point of job empowerment knowing that they will get that opportunity to do job empowerment. When after deciding posts and job labours, organizations have to deal with the psychological aspects of the jobs created. Organizations will have to analyze the employee's attitude, values and emotions. Most likely for the organization to be intact, the organization would have to come up with a culture of their own where all the employees can adjust to. When a group of empowered people come together they become a self directed team. They set goals to achieve and are motivated by the fact that each individual has reached the prime time of their career and to be able to work together is enough of a motivation to succeed in the organization.



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