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Different Types of Language Students

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Essay Preview: Different Types of Language Students

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People from all over the world learn English for only one reason. Fortunately, learners often think that there is only one way to learn English and that the same things are important for everyone. This means that the same vocabulary is important for different learner's purposes. There are different types of learners such: learners for career purposes, global English learners, learners who want to live in an English speaking country and people interested in learning English just for fun. But for the most part according to the category students are located, is what the teacher should teach them and what should be relevant to students.

Career English learners are interested in communicating in English just for fun. They need to know the correct forms of English used in their jobs such as letters, vocabulary, conversations and more. The vocabulary used with this type of students should be more specific and related to their job context. Vocabulary about slangs, advanced grammar formulations, etc is not so important for these certain category. They should also be aware of the different ways they can communicate with other business people: What are proper things to say and what others are not.

Moving on with another category we have the Global English learners. They are interested in communicating in English with people from other countries. American or British culture and their differences are not so important to this kind of students because they just want to communicate in English and it doesn't matter what kind of English they speak. It's important to tell students that they may communicate with people from a lot of different countries and can be exposed to different kinds of idioms, cultures and expressions. Phrasal verbs and slang are really not that important for these students because they will learn English that is common for global English learners.

Students interested in learning the environment English side are interested in learning English to live in an English speaking country or environment. They need to be able to pronounce well, know idioms, phrasal verbs and slang. It's real important for these students to have a great pronunciation and fluid speech. They also need to learn the differences in cultures of their native country and of the one they will be interacting. It's not that important to learn about different kinds of English because they will be focusing in one specific one.

There are a lot of people interested in learning English just for fun. They only want to get across with the basics of English. They need to be able to do basic tasks like ordering food in a restaurant, talking to other people, asking and giving basic information etc. It is not so important to teach them more complex structures or different kinds of English. These kinds of students are more likely to participate in game activities



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