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Dlp on Business Ethics - an Island Firestorm

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Essay Preview: Dlp on Business Ethics - an Island Firestorm

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Case Study # 1:


Philippines has much to offer to the world: beautiful sceneries, paradise of beaches and tropical forests awaiting to discover. These are Mother Nature's gifts and blessings to Filipinos.

Developing countries such as ours need to understand and study further the impact of commercial development. Establishments must conform to Health and Sanitary requirements and must secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) before the City/Municipal Building Office permits the construction and the City/Municipal Engineering Office must strictly supervise and inspect the course of construction if all requirements have been followed. Through this course of action, if all officials of said agencies do their job right will prevent hazardous element raised in case #1.

If I were the official concerned, I shall close the beach temporarily. I will gather all officials of concerned agencies for the conference to address the problem. We will clean the beach free from coliform. We will propose a City Ordinance addressing sanitary and health requirements for establishments to follow. I understand this could be a long process. During the said process, I shall make sure business continues. I will ask establishment owners their views and suggestions on how we can continue to attract visitors even if swimming will be out of their activities, which they can still enjoy the beautiful sceneries, taste what we can offer and maybe add additional attractions.

Until such time the beach is free from coliform, will I decide to re-open it to the public.

I am a public official committed to serve public interest, welfare and safety.



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