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Does the Computer Has Had an Positive or Negative Effect on the Society

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Essay Preview: Does the Computer Has Had an Positive or Negative Effect on the Society

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Does the computer has had positive or negative effect on American society?

Computers today are very useful; it is really an answer to our daily needs of information. In all, this is really a multimedia; it is an almost perfect creation of human kind from a simple calculator.

First, the computer played a significant role in education. Computers are a big factor to education because it is helping teachers, students and parents communicate. Computers can be used for doing an assignment at home or being tutored online. Computers would help students share information with each other, and it also help make writing papers and essays a lot easier and faster. Any papers that had to be done could now be typed out with word processing software. This, like with teachers, greatly increased the time and efficiency of preparing their lessons. Students could write out papers and type them without the worry of having to go through the lengthy mess of correcting mistakes. As time went on, students would lay their assignment out directly on the computer, choosing not to even write their assignment on paper. Furthermore, researching online was a lot easier and a lot quicker than going to the library.

Second, the computer improved quality of life. Computers will be faster, sleeker, and more efficient to help the business world as well as personal home desktop users gain information and knowledge. Everything now can be done more efficiently using computers such as filming video editing, creating special effects on films, listening to music, playing videos, simulations of almost any sport or activity; shopping, communication even playing games. People are now finding that they are spending most of their times using computers; at home in the office, at work even in their free time. For instance, just one click we could pull out all the information that we were looking for. Computers is the greatest storage and quickly. Computers are merging into digital streams of sounds, images, and text that make it possible to become absolutely brilliant with information.

Fortunately, the computer made us more global society. Today, for any information needed, a user can "Google "it in moment. The search engine will list the results of the research. All this data is so cheap that user never has to pay. People could literally complete their work from some area in their home and rarely need to go to the office. They could send and receive documents and paperwork from their homes to any other place. Even something as simple as reading the morning paper will be accessed via the Internet. Newspapers will be assessable online and, through search engines, we can quickly find what you are looking for. Though the physical 'paper' will not be completely eliminated, many people will make the switch to "e-Paper", as it is more efficient and more conservative of our resources.



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