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Modern Society Has Had a Negative Effect on Vietnamese Traditions

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Essay Preview: Modern Society Has Had a Negative Effect on Vietnamese Traditions

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Assessment Task 1: Persuasive Essay

Topic: "Modern society has had a negative effect on Vietnamese traditions"

Society includes many parts such as government, people and family. Society has effect on all parts and it can change them quickly. Maybe it will be better or will have bad effects. In the war and several years later, Vietnamese always proud of culture and tradition which created difference between Vietnam and all countries in the world. Nowadays, Vietnam is the developing country. From the past to now, Vietnam has had many changes to adapt with the world. With changes, Vietnamese are living in modern society with comfort and convenience. Some people say that it makes them feel more relax, happy and satisfied with life than in the past. However, many people support that modern society makes them uncomfortable. They feel worry about Vietnamese traditions which have many negative effects on some parts. I agree and believe that it is true.

The main reason people give is modern society brings them high technology, many high buildings with good conditions which make them feel comfortable and relax. They study to get a good job, they go to work to earn money to solve their requirement in life. Why do not they think about other points? Is that really living if they care and know exactly that many things around them are changing quickly and in the modern society, they forget traditions? I believe that modern society has many effects on Vietnamese traditions.

The first reason is that money. In the past, they worked and helped people with really love but now, in the modern society, money is their purpose. According to Writing (2007), you will feel miserable because money can solve many financial problems and reduce your stress. Money is very important in life but money is the reason, which causes bribe and corruption. For example, he is a lazy people and lack of experiences but he wants to have a good job and a high position. He cannot pass requirements of company but he will probably have a high position if he bribes his boss. His boss loses self-esteem because of money. Do not they have knowledge about corruption? On the other hand, they must do like that to live in modern society?

The second point is also important. It is education. Tradition of students in Vietnam is hard working and candidness. However, nowadays, students become lazy and cheat to pass exam. A university degree is a goal of students so they can do anything to get this degree such as buying a copy of the exam paper, paying money to hire person who can do exam for them (Arthurs, 2002). It will create them have a bad behaviour and a bad attitude. Husén (1987) states that education in school is very important, all influences can change their characters in life and in work. It also changes values and status of education in modern society. Besides that,



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