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Education in Modern World

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The problem of high education is very popular nowadays. Every year the number of free places in the universities is reduced whereas the price of high education is growing. Also parents who want their children to go to the university spend an incredible amount of money hiring teachers for their children. The question is-should we pay for the high education or is it a duty of the government?

It seems to me that high education should be free because not every family has enough money to support their children. The idea of a student who earns money to pay for his education sounds nice, but in our country it is almost impossible, as all the employers would like to get a qualified worker who has a degree. As a result a lot of brilliant children wouldn't have such an opportunity to get a high education.

The government of every country aims to gain more power than other countries. Thus the government should be interested in the growth of the number of well-educated people. Nowadays most of Russians live in poverty and barely make ends meet. The introduction of paid education will make people to give up the idea of getting high education and in time of 15-20 years most of the population will degrade.

It is popularly believed that if people pay for their education they more appreciate it and take it more seriously. On the contrary, not students themselves pay but their parents who want to bring up their careless children in a proper way. The truth is, if a person doesn't realize the necessity of education nothing will stimulate them.

Another claim often made is that when the education is free a lot of people go to the universities without any certain purpose and after graduating work as shop-assistants or secretaries. However, all of us would prefer to be consulted in a shop by well educated staff and no one would hire a secretary who couldn't speak any foreign languages.

I appreciate that it would be unrealistic to be against of paid education as it is one of the sources of funding the education in general, but I am convinced that there should be some free places for the students whose families are not able to support them. Otherwise our country will fall behind with development.



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