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Dr. Maria Montessori

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Essay Preview: Dr. Maria Montessori

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Dr. Maria Montessori is the one who became famous because of her theory. It was through observation she could get all her theories. There came, the absorbent mind theory, from which we know that the child will absorb things effortlessly. Based on the absorbent mind theory, she knew that the child also has the capacity to absorb culture - which is very good for the child development. That's why she created cultural area for the child to develop. "... all children are endowed with this capacity to absorb culture. If this be true - we then argued - if culture can be acquired without effort, let us provide the children with other elements of culture." Another theory is the laws of natural development. There are 7 laws of natural development and one of those is development of the child's imagination and creativity which will be discussed in the next paragraph.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the child has the inborn powers of the development of the child's imagination and creativity. It's through the interaction with the environment the child can establish his mental capacities that can develop his imagination and creativity. It's very important for the child to develop his imagination and creativity as from those, they can create many new things, just because imagination generates practical application. The understanding about how importance is the imagination and creativity made Dr. Maria Montessori created the materials, which divided into several areas, which can help to develop child's imagination and creativity. "Education is not something which the teacher does. It is a natural process which develops spontaneously." (The Absorbent Mind, pg. 8, Chap. 1).

Starts from Practical Life, the child will develop concentration span that will be useful to work with other materials. Moves to Sensorial area, the area where the child moves from unconscious mind to conscious mind. With the 3 period lesson taught by the teacher, the child will learn all the languages that will be needed to describe materials in Cultural area such as; short, long, big, small, etc. In Cultural area itself, the area will be divided into 3 areas which are; zoology, botany, and geography.



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