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Maria Montessori - Her Life and Work Outline

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Essay Preview: Maria Montessori - Her Life and Work Outline

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Maria Montessori- Her Life and Work Outline

Chapter One

* Maria Montessori was born Chiaravalle on August 31, 1870.

* It is said that she resembled her mother in appearance and temperament. She grew up in an affection and understanding environment.

* Some people strongly believe that her method has children allowing them to do what they want. However, that is not was applied in Maria's home.

* Her mother believed in discipline, it was applied and worked in Maria's house. Through her mother's discipline Maria grew up in a happy home.

* Every day she would do some knitting for the poor. She showed interests in the less fortunate and ended up becoming friends with a girl who was a hunchback.

* It was also recorded she was known to be the peacemaker especially with her parents.

* Maria's childhood was spent in Ancona where she went to a usual state day school.

* When she played at school she was the leader in most cases and would make the most unexpected remarks.

* Maria had a great sense of dignity even as a child.

* Her parents had suggested to her that her career should be as a teacher. She did not want that but had the interest in mathematics.

* When Maria was twelve years old when her parents decided to move to Rome so she can better education.

* She decided at the age of fourteen she was very interested in mathematics.

* She decided that she would take up her career in engineering. During that time it was a very unusual career for a woman. Maria attended a technical school for boys.

* After some time she changes her mind and gears towards biology. She decides to go into medicine. It was a shock at that time for a young woman to go to medical school.

* She was the first woman in Italy to be in medical school. She got scholarships year after year to help her with the income of her school.

* She struggled towards the ends of her studies. She was harassed by the men at her school and was basically pushed out of school. She was teased and tormented by the other students and always made it a point to try and frighten her. She was not afraid and felt that she could do anything to conquer.

* In those days it was not considered proper for a young lady to dissect a dead body in front of male students. She would have to work on her practical by herself and usually after hours, when it was in darkness.

* Her father did not approve of her education in medicine.

* Both Montessori and Froebel felt that they wanted to shed light on the depths of a child's soul. She called this the "preparations of life are indirect."

* Even though her father disapproved of her education her mother Renilde did not doubt her daughter's abilities to have a successful future. She was not only her mother but also played a good friend to Maria. She assisted



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