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Dr. David Livingston Essay

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Dr. David Livingston and Henry Morton Stanley both went to Africa, for different reasons at first but they both went there. Their lives have been changed by Africa. In this essay I will talk about them and how their lives changed before an after.

Dr. Livingston was a Medical Missionary and later wrote a book and became a African Explorer. He went to Africa to bring Christianity and end slave trade. That's why he went their the first time and he went through a lot while he was there. He experienced Malaria around 20 times, we saw the slave trade, and saw everything that happens.

He left Africa for a little while he was gone he wanted to go back. Africa impacted his life so much that when he felt he was getting older he wanted to die in Africa. Without the experience in Africa before he wouldn't have came to that conclusion. That's how Africa impacted his life.

Henry Morton Stanley was a reporter who later became a explorer. He originally went to Africa to find Dr. Livingston because he was "missing". Henry Morton Stanley traveled to Uiji a town in Africa. Livingston's helpers found Henry Stanley and they brought them to him, when they walked upo to each other Henry Stanley said, "Dr. Livingston I presume..." and they become closer.

Going to Africa and meeting Dr. Livingston made Henry Stanley want to become a explorer himself. Without the experience of going to Africa, finding Dr. Livingston, and becoming friends with him he would have probably never became an explorer.

Going to Africa changed the lives of Dr. David Livingston and Henry Morton Stanley. David Livingston would never have want to go back and end up dieing there if he didn't go there in the first place and experienced it the first time. Henry Morton Stanley would never have became a explorer if he didn't go to Africa to find Dr. Livingston.



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