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E-Commerce Persuasive Messages

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Essay Preview: E-Commerce Persuasive Messages

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The topic chosen to write about on this e-commerce paper is in reference to persuasive messages and e-commerce. The product is a knife set known as the Ronco Six Star deluxe cutlery set. This product was primarily set in motion on the Internet and on television through a series of high volume infomercials. These infomercials blasted the facts and enticed with tidbits about the "wonder " product.

The focus of this paper is on the Internet version of the infomercials instead of the television broadcast version. The sample persuasive message is original fictional and not copied from the website.

The Message

"Dull blades got you down?" The public finds themselves sawing away at food instead of cleanly slicing through it. The infomercial asks the viewer about his or her current knife set. The infomercial suggests the current knife set he or she owns is dull and difficult to use. Infomercials have the answer for the cutlery problems. Ronco Six Star deluxe giant cutlery set is the only knife set the viewer will ever need to purchase and this statement is guaranteed.

The set of 25 knives advertised will slice, dice, and filet their way through even the toughest of meats. The infomercial states the largest knife in the set will cut right through shoe leather. That is correct, shoe leather. The infomercial suggests the viewer to try the experiment. The infomercial suggests to the viewer to place an order in the next two hours. Completion of the order within the two-hour time frame, will guarantee the viewer a second complete set of the amazing set of knives free of charge.

The infomercial suggests to the viewer to purchase a set for a friend and the knife set will be the best gift he or she will ever receive. Just three payments of $13.33 will get two sets of the Ronco Six Star deluxe giant cutlery shipped as soon as possible. The message for the Ronco Six Star deluxe giant cutlery set is shown on the movie media clip that appears automatically in the top right corner of the homepage for the knives.

The key points of the message are also bulleted out in large and easy to read text on the left had side of the homepage, directing to his or her eyes to read what the video is saying.

Scattered throughout the homepage are eye-catching messages that highlight the important price points and special offers.

Three E-Tailing Behaviors

Three primary behaviors in e-tailing, particularly intangible retail products would be comparative pricing, bundling strategies, and loyalty programs. Over the past decade, price conscious consumers look for an easier method to shop around for the best deal through the convenient and usually reliable method of price shopping online. Various website provide consumer ratings, critiques, information on promotions and specials, recall information, and warranty tips.

Blogs, social networking, chat rooms, online reviews, and articles are ways to compare products. In addition, competitors sites help provide priceless information, saving consumers both time and money as they seek out the best steals and deals online. Comparative pricing previously involved a large amount of physical legwork, forcing consumers to drive from store to store to compare the differences in price between products.

The infomercial research process lessened the legwork for the viewer. The time spent reduced to mere minutes and in the comfort of the viewer's own living room. One of the primary joys of shopping online is taking advantage of the myriad of ways that e-tailers woo consumers into buying their product over a competitor's. A good example is the Ronco Six Star deluxe knife set for example.

Stated on the homepage of Ronco, there are several offers of extra goodies that a customer will walk



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