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E-Learning- an Emerging Mantra in Team Building in Corporate

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Essay Preview: E-Learning- an Emerging Mantra in Team Building in Corporate

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In business, it does not matter whether you work in a typical office a shop or a factory. You are built up of group individuals with specific goals towards producing the goods that the company sells. This is what defines a team. From the most mundane task like answering a phone call, to the most complicated job like designing products, every individual making up the team plays an important role. As a whole, every employee is working towards a common goal, which is to earn profit for the company and for themselves. This is what team building is all about? It is the process of enabling a group of people to reach that common goal. That is why it is a good practice for companies to come up with regular team building activities to enhance the oneness of the group and to build a feeling of solidarity and pride of work. A company is made up of different departments, which sometimes causes conflicts of interests and individual differences.

Team building aims to eliminate these issues.

* What is the Main Goal of the company?

* What Factors Caused Poor Team Performance In The Past?

* How Can You Improve The Way Team Members Interact?

* How Can You Improve The Team's Ability To Solve Problems?

* How Can You Forge The Support And Trust Level Between Team Members?

* How can you apply the team building activities in the day-to-day

Operation of the company?

Successful corporate team building events have a number of elements in common:

The opportunity to see the roadblocks to successful communication and teamwork.

The chance to see co-workers in unfamiliar roles and situations.

The necessity to work together toward a common goal.

The support needed to forge productive new ways of working together.

Corporations faced with a bout of low employee morale should organize exiting team building events to turn things around. Depending on the company budget available, there are lots of team building activities that can be implemented. Corporate event planners can organize a trip to a resort and run a myriad of group

Activities that encourage collaboration between co-workers.

Great teamwork is one of the most important keys to your company's success. The more harmoniously people work together, the better it is for your company. Teamwork is the way that things get done these days - and if you don't have a cohesive team, you're seriously handicapping your company out in the marketplace.

Among the advantages of team building are the following

* Teams are more successful in implementing complex plans and strategies. Because you can split the work into responsibility areas, a team can tackle more complex projects more efficiently than a group of individuals.

* Teams come up with more creative solutions because they can

* network and brainstorm. When team members bounce ideas off of each other, they arrive at solutions that none would have evolved alone. As teams continue to work together, many of them find that their individual work benefits from their new ability to see things from other perspective.

* Teams build commitment to ideas and plans because they have ownership of the idea. When a team is involved in a project from the start, they are more likely to be committed to the ideals it represents.

* Teams are more enduring than reliance on individuals. If you have one person who is responsible for a project, the loss of that person can cripple the project. When you rely on a team, the loss of one individual may be difficult, but the work of the team will continue.

* Team building activities motivate your employees to deliver their very best effort on behalf of the team.

Technology is omnipresent in business and education today, and electronic learning (e-learning) systems are becoming widely used tools for distance education / training and enhancement of regular in-person programs. The new e-learning system can be used to facilitate organizational learning at corporations and educational institutions.


According to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), e-learning is



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