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Effective Christian Counseling Vs. Secular Christian Counseling

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Essay Preview: Effective Christian Counseling Vs. Secular Christian Counseling

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Effective Christian Counseling vs. Secular Counseling 1

Every one faces difficulties there is no one immune to problems. Reactions to this experience take on one of these figurations: resentment, guilt, or anxiety. Those that experience resentment, guilt, or anxiety posses negative feelings. Those that seem to cope better and are psychologically healthy, have positive feelings (Crabb, 1977). Because of this issue people require a more excellent way to cope, such as counseling. There are three types of counseling, Secular, Integrated, and Biblical counseling. The majority of counselors is secular and holds the view that religion should not be in the counseling office. Christian counselors generally look to faith traditions and the bible in dealing with mental health and psychological problems. Larry Crabb demonstrates all three in His book "Effective Christian Counseling". Crabb and articles on the matter show how Christian counseling vs. Secular counseling, similarities and differences. These differences and similarities include goals, concepts, strategies, and programs that are outlined to help counselors be effective, in helping individuals with life's difficulties.

Dr. Crabb discusses in his book "Effective Christian Counseling" the goal of counseling, in what Christian counselors are trying to do. He points out that Christian counseling is seen different from secular counseling. It relies on biblical based counseling that is not recognized by secular counseling. Its goal is to direct people into a relationship with God, to move them towards Christian maturity. This will allow the believer to enter into his ultimate purpose in life. Secular psychotherapy is very obtainable and can be found in every city.

Secular counselors train in the field of psychotherapy and have a humanistic approach in helping with difficulties. Their technique is based on man be guided by outside sources, solving his own problems, and using his own recourses.

Secular counseling does not recognize the spiritual dimension or God as having influence on any issues or solutions of human. Many times it will go against what the bible teaches, rarely address values and moral issues. This type of counseling does not get to the root of the problem. It doesn't recognize there is a root. It temporarily covers it up by putting a band aid on the wound. Christian counseling recognizes the symptom of the problem and gets to its root, which is the "heart of the matter" (Jones, 2006-2012, pg.1). The heart of the matter is sin.

Dr. Larry Crabb also addresses basic concepts, to counsel effectively. Basic concepts are what a counselor needs to know about an individual, in order to help him/her. He describes how needs are met. They are met because people are motivated to meet them. If they are hungry or insecure they behave in ways designed to secure food and find love. They are operating from a deficit until needs are met. Self seeking is characterized as their motivation. Their own needs are met by people trying to meet them.

Motivation can be acknowledged by a force to carry out something, people believe will guide to pleasure. "People develop ideas from interaction with a false world system about what is required what is required to meet their personal needs of significance and security" (Crabb, 1977, p.85). The goals they live for our determined by their beliefs. Until they recognize that personal needs are obtained through having a relationship with Christ, the goal will never be given up.

Deficit motivation is what most people operate from. Until they understand why they do what they do, they will try to reach from something they believe will meet their own personal needs. When goals are not meant people are generally motivated to keep themselves from feelings of insecurity and insignificance. These seem to be painful feelings. To cover up their feelings people may turn to alcoholism, over-eating, compulsive spending, schizophrenia and several other behaviors often are created to dull or trade for feelings of self worth.

Secular approach to basic concepts mainly focuses on giving advice. It helps guide people through a process in which they explore their situation and find answers or solutions to their problems. In everyday day life counseling is thought to be highly important.

Concepts consist of relationships, behaviors, methods and goals. Relationships consist of two people, where one tries to help the other adjust to situations and attain a form of happiness. Behavior is where the problems of the client are opened because of the relationship between client and counselor. Methods are opened to find solutions for problems the clients face. Sometimes solutions are not found by the client, but being able to talk to someone else can be satisfying.

Basic strategy outlines how to understand and deal with problems. Larry Crabb shows how problems develop. An obstacle is the key element behind most symptoms. It collides with people reaching their chosen goal. The threat of neurosis is averted if the obstacle can be overcome by making changes in goal oriented behavior. If unbiblical assumptions are what the goal is based on then



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