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Effects of Colony Collapse Disorder on Agriculture

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Essay Preview: Effects of Colony Collapse Disorder on Agriculture

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English 101 Student

Professor Martinez

English 101

26 December 2009

        There are three basic features for a Remembering Events essay.  First, you need to make sure that the story is well told.  This is done mainly by building suspense, especially by using specific narrative action.  To get the desired effect, the writer also needs to go into detail about his surroundings.  People can understand more from his point of view when he describes vividly what it was like for him.  There are two ways to get across the importance of an autobiographical event.  One is to show the importance in the story.  The other is to tell directly what the event meant.

        I used several techniques in my essay to describe vividly what was going on.  For example, on page 3, I described what it smelled like: “A mixture of sweat, grass, and rubber filled my nostrils as I yelled along with my teammates.”  I also employed specific narrative action: “I stepped forward upon hearing the referee’s whistle.”  I used a dialogue between my dad and I to slow the pace down a bit, and to get the reader to start thinking about the moral of the story.  I explained how this was important throughout the essay, giving hints of how wrong it was to get self-esteem from others, and also in the last paragraph I explained it more directly and frankly.  I know that no paper is perfect.  However, I think I learned how to better build suspense by using distinct writing techniques.  I also believe that I really showed well the importance of my story; of being a good and strong person, not just to be successful by what others think.



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