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Effects of the Revolutionary War

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Essay Preview: Effects of the Revolutionary War

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Effects of the Revolutionary War

Imagine what America would be like today if there was no Revolution. Would America be it's own country? Would we still be under British rule? These are all questions that are left to make us wonder what if... We don't need to ask these questions because there was the Revolution and America did break free from the British. The Revolutionary War changed America forever. The Revolutionary War had an impact on everyone involved, and effected each group in a different way.

One of the groups effected by the Revolutionary War was the American colonists. Each colonist was involved in the war in one way or another. Colonists were being taken over by British troops that occupied nearly every major port city. British troops were moving in unexpectedly and frightening the colonists up and down the entire east coast. Not only were the colonists effected by unruly British troops, but they were also exposed to disease spread by the movement of people throughout the coast. Many British troops were immune to the disease by being exposed early on, and so it left only the colonists to be destroyed by the illness.

Not only were the American colonists affected, but also the people that stayed loyal to England known as the Loyalists. Most loyalists were unable to vote, and were even forced out of their homes. The loyalists were constantly being punished and ridiculed by the colonists that defended America. It was uncertain as to why so many Americas stayed loyal to the country that was dictating their lives. Some were royal appointees, and others just based it on principle. No matter what the reason, the loyalists were bullied and harassed for sticking with the enemy.

The Native Americans were forced to be a part of the Revolution whether they wanted to or not since it was their land that was taken from them in the beginning of it all. The conflicts of war altered relationships between the Natives and the whites. It had left the Iroquois and Cherokee tribes brutally broken. With these tribes down, it opened many opportunities of western expansion for the white people.

One category that the men unanimously agreed on was the role that the women would play in the Revolution and public politics. It was clear that there was much disagreements and arguments, but when it came to the women all of the men had agreed that the women had no place in the public politics. Although the women did attend revolutionary crowds and other political activities, they were still denied the charter. The pressure and stress of the war were also being felt by the women, even if they could not be politically involved. Women began to speak out publicly about the affect the war was having on their lives. Eventually the traditional role of women had changed, and the women were becoming apart of the revolution. The most important role the women had during the revolution was the role



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