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Elements of a Leadership Point of View

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Essay Preview: Elements of a Leadership Point of View

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Developing and defining your leadership point of view is not only an effective tool for efficient leadership management but having such a definite leadership point of view will help you clarify your thoughts on leadership but it will also prepare you to teach others your leadership point of view. (Blanchard 2010) According to Blanchard extensive research has show that effective leaders have a set clear, teachable point of view, second these effective managers are willing to teach their point of view to others especially to those they work closely with. (Blanchard 2010).

Elements of a Leadership Point of View

In the following paragraphs I will analyze several elements that compose my leadership point of view. The first element I will analyze is who the major influences in my life are. The major influences in my life that have had a positive influence in the way I view leadership have been my mother. My mother became a single mom when both my sister and I were very young my dad passed away from a heart attack. My mother stood up to the challenge became a father and a mother to both my sister and I. She had a set vision of what she wanted my sister and I to be, she wanted to provide us both with a college education and be respectable independent young women. I saw her struggle in trying to perform both roles as a father and a mother, but her strength as such a power strong person has inspired me to be just a strong a never give up no matter what the circumstances are.

The second element that determines someone point of view is key events in your life time that had an impact on you regarding your leadership thinking. I believe that one of my key events that impacted my leadership skills was my father passing away when I was so young. In a blink of an eye I had to grow up be strong for both my mother and my sister. I had to grow up and assume responsibilities at such a young age those situation made me mature and made me a stronger person. I had to take ownership of many situations and lead my mother and my sister through situations when our little family need it leadership guidance.

The third element that has shaped my leadership point of view was been my life purposes in other words my mission in life. My mission in life has been to be a successful person in everything I do. Recently now I have set myself a new goal of becoming a bodybuilder and compete in a figure competition. It is a dream of mine to become that and I believe that even if it takes time to achieve this goal I will do it.

The fourth element that shapes and determines a person leadership point of view is your core values. My core values are basically defined by be trying to have a good relationship with G-d. I believe that this is essential with in anybody's life in order to be at peace with yourself and others. I try to reflect Jesus in my character and my daily actions.

Overall my leadership point



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