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Emergency Flashlight Remotely Controlled

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Essay Preview: Emergency Flashlight Remotely Controlled

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The Problem and Its Scope


The development of flashlights is very efficient now days; we can now purchase eco-friendly flashlights that were being developed by technology, and are also popular in our market. And as innovation continues, we are able to make things friendly to all the users that are using the products of technology.

This project entitled Remote Controlled Emergency flashlight with Solar energy charged, was improvised to be more effecient and convenient to be used by individuals in our community.With the use of the wireless reciever and solar power, the device is remotely controlled, with enough charging voltage supply.

The use of a wireless remote control eliminates the need for the operator to be in direct contact with the project, it means the operator can position themselves in a safer manner, It also allows operator to move more freely.

The Solar energy from the sun produces current when being enhanced and it can help many people in our society.

It is ideal to have one of this kind of flashlight, especially on locations where there is no current, it would be beneficial to people who are leaving in the mountains, or to people who are on adventure in climbing mountains.

Flashlights are important as they can give light when no other source is available in a manner that's much safer than exposed candles.


The main purpose of this study is to innovate and construct Remote Controlled emergency flashlight with solar energy charged, furthermore this study aims to answer these following questions:

1. What is a Remote Controlled emergency flashlight with solar energy charged?

2. How the Remote Controlled emergency flashlight with solar energy charged is innovated and constructed?

3. How much it will cost to produce the Remote Controlled emergency flashlight with solar energy charged?

4. What technical skills will be developed in constructing and using Remote Controlled emergency flashlight with solar energy charged?

5. What are the social and economics implication of the study?

6. What is the performance of the project? Compared to common flash lights?


This feasibility study might contribute to the following concern:

1. The Technology Teachers. The study will encourage the technology teachers to produce this project using the recommended procedures and materials.

2. The administrator of the state colleges and universities.



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