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Emergency Phone Instructions

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Emergency Phone Instructions

In an Emergency Follow these Steps:

1. Try to have a landline ready in case an ambulance is needed. If a landline is not available have someone use a cell phone to call the police 9-1-1. Calling 911 connect you to the emergency center of the Contra Costa Country. Calling the police will get you a faster response. If you do not know the number to your local police station call 911.

2. Have the person remain calm and give the type emergency and state address of where the emergency is taking place.

3. Tell the person that is calling where the EMS meeting point will be, and have the person go and wait there until the EMS arrives. Don't forget to tell the EMS where you will be meeting them.

4. Have another person clear the path and assign others to help keep them informed on what's going on.

5. Have another Sports Med. Student stay with the parents and keep them informed on what is going on.

*Keep the injured person calm and as comfortable as possible.

When Dealing With an Ambulance

1. Give your name and title.

2. Give the address and your location

3. State the nature of the current injury.

4. Tell them what is being done for the injured person and the qualifications of the person giving care.

5. Give the phone number of the phone you are calling from.

6. State how many people are injured.

7. Let them hang up with you. Do not hang up first in case there is more information to be given.



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