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Instruction for Design and Completion of Draft Video for "cairngorms"

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Essay Preview: Instruction for Design and Completion of Draft Video for "cairngorms"

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ASSDInstruction for design and completion of DRAFT video for "Cairngorms".

Picture Quality and Selections

The establishment photographs supplied will be varies in size, quality and resolution, as such it will be down to you to set the size of the video frame to best suit the pictures supplied. On occasion some picture in each pack may not be suitable due to extreme size variations or lack of quality, and as such should be dropped from the video. Again this will be down to you to decide. Music of a Scottish / Highland / Outdoors / Mellow theme with no copyright should be used. I will leave this for you to source.

Colours and Fonts -

Colour - All back ground slides should be the same colour (or similar) to one of the main colours used in the www.Cairngorms-Park.com home page. A brownish colour I believe its 8D897B or C2BDA9

Fonts - All font used will be Dakota in white.

Structure or video -

Slide - 1 - All videos will start with a blank slide with the www.Cairngorms-Park Logo and the Cairngorms National Park Logo (both supplied, you will have to convert into png). They should be equal in size, one at each top corner of the side. Justified in the centre the following text should be placed -

Cairngorms-Park.com... everything you need, and more

This will be done for all videos

Slide 2 - The picture to be used is attached in the zip file called "Ballindalloch Castle" this picture will be used as slide two for all videos. You will have to crop this picture to fit; again this will be down to you to get best fit. Here you will the place and write following -

The Cairngorms-Park logo is to be set in the top right-hand side or best fit (you decide). Justified in the Centre the following will be placed - The Name of the Property (so for this example it will be the Boat Hotel) then the geographical location (this example is Boat of Garten). (Each folder supplied will, have this information). So it will read -

The Boat Hotel in Boat of Garten


Establishment Slides (min 4 max 8) - All video should start with an external picture of the building, and then move into bedrooms and facilities. The posture should fade into each other and pan to simulate a movie.

Closing Slide - This should be of the same colour as the first slide and have the following text (set up as you see fit.-

To book this or any other accommodation go to


For further guidance please look at the links supplied in original



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