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English Phrases

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CALL OFF:Cancel an event.

eg.)The football match was called off because of the bad weather.

CALL BACK:Telephone again later.

eg.)Thank you for ringing. I'll call you back as soon as I have the information that you want.

CALL UP:Ring up, telephone.

eg.)Alper called up me to learn the date of the exams.


eg.)Men over eighteen years of age were called up the fight the enemy

in the war.

CALL BY:To make a short visit to a place or person.

eg.)I'll call by to pick up the book on my way to work.

CALL FOR:Require, demand.

eg.)The situation calls for tact.

eg.)You have got the job!This calls for a celebration.

CARE FOR:To look after sb.

eg.)Who cared for her while she was ill.?

CARRY OFF:To succeed in doing sth difficult.

eg.)He felt nervous before he started his speech but he carried it off

very well.

CARRY ON:To continue, do not stop.

eg.)How long id the party carry on after I left?

eg.)She intends to carry on studying after the course has finished.

eg.)I hope you will carry on doing these exercises.

CARRY ON WITH+NOUN is used similarly.

eg.)The doctor told her to carry on with the treatment.

eg.)I'm too tired to carry on with this tonight.

CARRY OUT: Perform (duties), obey (orders, instructions), fulfil (therats), execute.

eg.)Soldiers must carry out their orders.

eg.)It will be difficult, but we shall carry out your instructions.

eg.)He read the instructions, but he didn't carry them out.

CARRY OVER:Transfer ( to the next page).

eg.)Take the last figure on this page and carry it over to the top of the next page.

CATCH UP:Reache, come abreas of / overtake, but not pass.

eg.)They've just left. If you hurry, you'll catch them up.

eg.)I started last in the race but I soon caught up with the others.




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