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Environmental Issues

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One big environmental issue we have in my area is pollution. There are several factories in the area that lend a big hand to air pollution. We also have our share of litter bugs and those who choose to dump in our local waters. This problem effects not only the wildlife in the area, but the local human population as well. The prevention of pollution is an essential component of environmental sustainability. This can be done by reducing the amount of waste for treatment and disposal, making sure the wastes that are produced can be reused or disposed of easily without harm to the environment. Costs for extra raw materials, waste disposal, and waste treatment systems can be eliminated or sustainability reduced. There are many new tools that can be used to prevent pollution at its source, such as the push toward lean manufacturing that is focused on eliminating waste (anything that does not add value for the customer). There are also lifestyle approaches that can help prioritize challenges. Where decisions are being made that impact environmental performance in the supply chain, such as by manufacturing equipment suppliers or chemical suppliers, it may be more effective to drive efficiencies there. We should remain opportunistic to implement good ideas about preventing pollution, but since we have limited resources it is important to focus our main programs on the areas where impact decisions are being made.



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