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Era of Good Feelings Essay

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Historians have given the nickname "Era of Good Feelings" to the period after the war of 1812. This Era was during the Monroe Presidency and witnessed the rise of nationalism and sectionalism. Nationalism was shown socially and politically by Americans coming together on the Fourth of July because they were able to defend themselves to keep their independence. Sectionalism was seen politically and economically over the views of slavery which started to divide the north and the south.

Nationalism after the War of 1812 was significantly boosted by the ability of the Americans to defend their territory from leaving our nation (DOC C). This improved nationalism because it gave the American's an actual reason to celebrate and for once feel like they are in a strong and well protected nation. Nationalism also grew with the disbandment of the Federalist Party which left the nation with one ruling political party (DOC I). James Monroe was the nominated candidate for the Democratic - Republican Party and he further boosted nationalism with his goodwill tour in 1817. Monroe was generally accepted everywhere and he swept the Presidential Election of 1820 running unopposed. Henry Clay had a plan called the American System which was divided into three different parts; these three parts were a system of canals and roads, protective tariffs, and a successful national banking system (DOC B). The American System's purpose was to bring the country together both politically and economically. Nationalism also seemed to grow with foreign affairs. When Great Britain made the proposition of creating a "Holy Alliance" American's had to take stand against the British and decline Great Britain's offer (DOC H). This showed the nation sticking up for their independence by saying that we don't need the help of any other nation to succeed.



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