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Essay on Abortion

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Essay Preview: Essay on Abortion

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Yaritza Lopez

Professor: Corey Miller




        Many people have different view of abortion. Some think it is okay, then there are some that disagree with it, hundred percentage. There had been many argument about this in different views, this is not new topic. The agreement is about life and death, the choice a women can make. Abortion has been around many years.  Their states that is not okay to abort and there some that there is. Many people thinking differently, no one has the same mind. There arguments, but no one really wins because the women carrying the fetus is the one that has the last word.

Many pregnancies can lead to abortion, depending on how they are and how they feel. Which means, there are women that would just like abort their child for no good reason, and there are women that gets the option to abort, because of their health or something bad happen. Then, there are time abortion happened naturally without the women knowing. There are many reasonable arguments about this topic.

One example is women have their right to do want they want in or out of their body.  There many ways that people agree about women aborting, if their own life are in danger or when they know they will have a sick children. There have been doctor that say they know their child would be not healthy. So therefore, women get scared and get an abort because they don’t want to bring a sick child in this world. The child does not have many fault in to this. For me it is a difficult agree or disagree. There are many option in this station. Or just when one of them can die. It’s not an easy thing to deal with. It’s not really there fault, they didn’t know about it. It’s not something they can fix easily, I believe it’s not our option to choice. God has his way of working things around. I believe he does it this for a reason, we should just let it be. Leave it to god, the fetus is born well and the mother is live or just either one of them dies then it’s a choices that He did. Don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s just something that we as people have to have faith. Through it’s not meant to be as easy, for the family, but that’s if you are making that choice. Someone people can be selfie can just get the abortion so the women can stay alive. This would be one argument would also deal with have faith in God and with those that do not have faith in Him.

Women that get raped usually get the option to choice if they want to get an abortion. Most people argue about it because, if the women becomes pregnant, the fetus inside the women did not have anything to do with it. Meaning, most people just think about its not the fetus fault, but then again it’s not also the mother fault, that she got raped. Many different kind of arguments fit in with this as well. Which is the correct? Now, that’s is the hard question. We all most agree killing is wrong, but would not wanted a child be bad? Raped women would not like to be remember about their tragedy, and having to carry the fetus for nine months would remind them of their bad tragedy. The women aren’t not obliged to carry the fetus if there are cause by raped. The argument goes on about how the women have the rights to abort if cause by raped, then there to remember about the innocent unborn. There all different case to go through about the problem. But at the end the one that gets to choose is the victim. There can be a lot of option but the victim is the one that choose. Aborting babies because of rape is something sad and hurtful for the women. She and the fetus are the victims and it’s harder for women because she know what is the right and wrong. The fetus does not know anything, it also does not even the option.



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