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Essay on Gay Rights

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Essay Preview: Essay on Gay Rights

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Life is what you make of it and the only person that can chose the way you live is yourself. No to minds think alike in every aspect, you might like the color red and I like blue. The same goes for the sexual orientation for each person, whether it is that you like men, women, or both. Homosexuality is one of the biggest debates of today and is an ongoing issue to resolve. The freedom we have in the country of our choosing is based on where we live. Here in America we have some gay rights states that allow the homosexual community the rights of marriage. In other countries such as Argentina this is new for the country is one of state and church. To allow someone the right of gay marriage is to allow homosexuals there complete freedom and that means no strings attached. So why is it such a big deal if two men wanted to be together in marriage?

Argentina is the very first Latin country to go against the church and allow same-sex marriage. The president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina has continued to have a heated debate against the church for the right of people to choose their own way of living, including whomever they choose to be in marriage with. Although Argentina is the first Latin country to legalize same-sex marriage they have started a shock wave in all other countries in South America. Also some of the European countries are having a change of heart and allowing same-sex marriage despite the Roman Catholic Church being so close.

I believe that the church does not have the right to dictate law in every country and are now being erased from the equation. This is a positive step into the future for mankind, if humans as a global race ant except that not every person believes in religious bounderies then how can we countinue to grow in other areas such as science. I believe that although I am not for gay rights it is a necessary step towards a great future.



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