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In the Work Environment, Managers Will Likely Face Some Ethical Issues

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Essay Preview: In the Work Environment, Managers Will Likely Face Some Ethical Issues

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Ethics are the moral values that we hold. They are a result of our upbringing, culture and life experiences. Here are a few thorough explanation of how ethics apply to business:

In the work environment, managers will likely face some ethical issues. Some of them include:

A. Laying off employees-Removing bread from someone's mouth is something that most managers hate. So, in order to address the issue as carefully as possible with employees, the manager should consider things such as giving them advance notice, encourage employees to work until the effective date, how the employees will be affected, if and which employees will be laid off (based on qualifications, performance), whether to offer a benefit package.

B. Religious practices- Managers should in some way allow employees to express their religious preferences. For example, Muslim employees may want to go for their prayers at the mosque at exactly noon. Employees who are Christians might want to take time to meditate, etc...Interfering with employees religious practices also means to interfere with their purpose for living.

A condition that qualifies as an exception to copyright law is original work that is used only for teaching purposes. In these classrooms, students and teachers might display a work within the classrooms as a part of the teaching activities without committing the copyright infringement. All original works, including music and video can only be used for teaching, as long as they are not pirated versions or otherwise illegal copies of the work, but purchased copies. Under the TEACH act, copyrighted materials can be uploaded and distributed in online learning situations as well if they meet certain conditions. Instructors and student may not use any part of the original work in a document presented as one’s work, whether for lecture or for a course assignment. The act includes material obtained on the internet, in academic libraries as well as in other databases that can be accessed online.


Spyware, sometimes known to be called adware is a malicious software or malware that is placed onto an unsuspecting user's personal computer with the intention of collecting information without the user's knowledge. Also altering the settings of the computer and allowing the hacker to perform malicious activities on that computer (such as slowing down computer performance), installing other unwanted software on the computer, monitoring the user's computer habits and reporting them to third parties, and on many occasions, causing the computer to crash. Spyware can enter a computer as a software virus or when new programs are being installed.

Key logging, also known as keystroke logging is a spyware that allows an organization to track purposely/log the keys employees strike on their computer keyboard without the employee's awareness.



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