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Ethical Relativism

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Essay Preview: Ethical Relativism

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Identifying two Philosophers and Why I Chose Them:

I have chosen Thomas Hobbes and John Locke; both had the same theories on ethical issues. My research leads me to these philosophers. I was not familiar with any and did not know who to write about. I did some research and found that these two have the same issues and thoughts I have. I chose these two because of the same theories they had on people with authority. How power gives some people their ego and how they allow greed and selfishness to overcome them.

Two Philosophers:

Thomas Hobbes, his main concerns were the problems in social and political order: "How human beings can live together in peace and avoid the danger and fear of civil conflict". He felt that some thought his political conclusion could be awarded when we learn to adopt. He though human beings were selfish, or egoistic (William, G., 2010).

John Locke, he believed were individuals should use reason to search the truth instead of accepting the opinion of one the ones in authority. His social theory function of Civil Government is to preserve the right to life, liberty, health, and property of its citizens. To punish who violate the rights of others (Uzgalis, W., 2010).

Their Philosophies of Life in my Own Words:

What they are saying is no matter what it takes to get the power and success; some individuals will do whatever it takes to get it. They allow their morals and values to be taken over by the greed, selfishness and their ego that these powers hold. They forget where they came from, what their purpose for this success was about. Most of all they forget the ethical issues of what's right and wrong.

Differences or Similarities:

Both had the same ideas to this theory. That political people will do whatever it takes to empower other individuals. Some take their political power to reach their success no matter who it hurts along the way. They allow their ego to take over instead of their morals and values to win this success.

Thought About Topic Before This Assignment:

I have thought about this before the assignment. With this being another election year it is hard to not think about it. Listening to the things each candidate plans on doing once in office. All the back stabbing each candidate does to the others running for the offices. This happens all the time, instead of taking a look at our economy, our homeless and hungry, and what this country needs. Their thoughts are about legalizing gay marriages an issue that an individual should have the right to decide instead of political people. This does not focus on our economy, finding jobs, feeding the homeless and low income families, help the elderly with not having to make a choice between eating and their medications



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