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Ethics Case

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Since the beginning of time ethics impacted the lives of all of people, be it old or young, male or female, novice or genius. Ethical questions such as 'how should I live' and 'what is the right or fair thing to do' challenge us everyday (Bessant 2009).

Virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology

The virtue theory is the foundation for practicing good behavior. It is more importatnt to a person of virtue to be a good person as opposed to following a strict code of rules. Virtuous roles of character accomodate but are not limited to courage, humanity, and temperance. Virtue is the concept that makes its possessor a good person. A virtuous person is morally good or admirable who acts and thinks rightly, as they should. Living virtuous encourages a person to acquire good traits and do away with unsatisfactory ones.

One of the more dominant theories is utilitarianism. It is a theory of ethics that concentrates on moral behavior. It morally focuses on the good that benefits a vast number of people. Utilitarians live under the impression to maximize the outcome for others by igmoring self interests hence to be more cooperative in all social dilemmas. Their moptives in life are fairness, empathy toward others, and to persuade others to work cooperatively as well. Under utilitarianism an action is considered good is and only if a majority of people benefit from it in short, a greater happiness for a greater number of people.

Deontological focuses mainly on obligations identifying what is tolerable and what is not tolerable. This moral theory indicates that specific actions are completely right or wrong, regardless of the consequences. Deontology, idea solely based on an obligation to follow any given moral law, for example would suggest that it is fundamentally wrong to kill an animal or harm nature. However, animals and nature are often excluded from an ethical code.

Personal experience

As a virtuous person I feel obligated to make just decisions all the time. Personally believe in my own personal values in a lot of decision making. At work recently I arranged to come in to work on my day off, which was Sunday. A fellow co-worker in the office department had a family member whom fell ill and he needed to leave work. Due to the fact that there was no other office coverage, a rational decision had to be made. Being the office manager I am aware of company rules of schedules like when someone is off they are off unless contacted by a manger only etc... however I knew what morally must be done. When it comes to family and family illness, I have a 'no question' tactic. It is permissable to leave work when family emergencies occur. Yes I was off work that day nonetheless, it was only right to let him be with his family at that time.



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