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Euthanasia Case

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Essay Preview: Euthanasia Case

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Euthanasia is ending a person's life deliberately and painlessly, but for compassionate reasons. This includes people suffering from incurable and painful diseases to those in irreversible comas.

Euthanasia in Australia is an unlawful act. There is no assisted death for patients that find their suffering intolerable with no choice of alternative treatment. Here in Australia, ending someone's life, no matter how old or sick they are, is always a serious legal issue as well as an emotional or moral one.

On the 25th of May 1995, the Northern Territory became the first place in the world to pass 'The Right of the Terminally Ill Act.' However, the Act only lasted 9 months before it was overturned by the Australian Federal Parliament. Today, Voluntary Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are illegal in all states and Territories of Australia. In saying that, residents have the option of completing an 'Advance Medical Directive' which is signed in advance, giving the patient the right to refuse medical treatment if they are unable to make a decision due to their illness.

Society's view on Euthanasia varies, but should be respected. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and not be judged on their beliefs and values. While some people agree that Euthanasia should be legal to help those suffering from terminal illnesses, others believe that God will decide when it's time for us to leave Earth. There are many factors that contribute to a person's belief. These include their religion, cultural background and age.

If someone is sick, it not only affects them but also the people around them, like family members. Due to cultural backgrounds, sometimes terminally ill people are nursed at home. This puts a financial burden on family members as someone needs to stay at home to look after the sick person. This will also put pressure on the spouse as he or she would have to earn twice the amount of money in order to pay bills and/or the mortgage. It also creates social isolation, as families are unable to attend social gatherings because someone is needed to take care of the ill family member. The full-time carer of the terminally ill person can develop emotional stress and exhaustion, by constantly being unable to help the person get better. However, if Euthanasia was legal family members would be relieved that the ill person was resting in peace, rather than suffering. They would then be able to continue with their own lives, knowing that their loved one has received their final wish.

Beliefs on Euthanasia vary in each Christian denomination. The Church of England believes Euthanasia should be left illegal. They feel that if a person is suffering, they should be met with compassion and have a commitment to effective medication to help them get better. By assisting suicide, we are removing their suffering in an obscene way. They believe that God has given people life,



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