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Expectations to a Love Poem

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Essay Preview: Expectations to a Love Poem

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Expectations to a love poem

Love poems belong under the fictional genre, poetry, and are often very short. The overall meaning in love poems can be about a lot of things. A love poem is often written to a person and touch upon subjects like human emotions, such as life, death, solitude, and love. These emotions are not described with long personal characterizations and dialogues between characters, like we know it from novels and short stories. This is mainly because poems are not that long. Instead love poems focus on the language and maintaining the reader's interest by giving him/her "an instant experience", experienced with a great intensity of feelings and emotions.

There is often an "I" in a love poem, and it must be interpreted as a person, to whom one can relate and identify. The "I" is very important, because love poems do not necessarily take place in a physical place, but inside the head of the "I". Here metaphors are often used to compare things, but without the direct cursor "like". This is an example of a metaphor: My love is a red rose. Red is a warm color, and it symbolizes love, aggression, hate and so on.

Love poems can also include symbols. When something is representing something else, we are talking about symbols. Symbols in poems are usually concrete things, like a necklace. Symbols and metaphors can help one find the poem's agenda. A love poem is therefore not necessarily influenced by any act, like novels and short stories, but instead by the intensity of the described feelings and atmosphere, the metaphors, and the symbols.



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