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Final Exam

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When I came to Central Connecticut State University, CCSU, I was undecided about my major but I listed English because I enjoyed the subject. After a month of being a part of the CCSU community I decided to change my major to Undecided. Now, after about 9 weeks of classes, I am still undecided.

During my first day of English class, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I was told that by the end of the semester a total of 6 research papers would be written. Coming from high school, even one research paper seemed like it was too much. Even after my professor broke everything down to the class I was still overwhelmed. Approximately every two weeks, we would have to hand in a 2 ½ page paper; this paper would be a subtopic of a general topic chosen at the beginning of the semester.

After having a tour of the Elihu Burritt Library, we were told that we would be using this library as a source for our upcoming research papers. Over the next 4 weeks I did just that, for my first two 2 ½ page papers I was constantly in and out of the library doing research and finding new books and websites that would help me to better write my papers.

At the beginning of the semester, after our general topics were chosen, we were put into discussion groups. The people in these groups shared the same general topics. At first, I thought that these groups were childish and unnecessary; but as the discussions continued I realized how enlightening they were. These discussions made it possible for me to get feedback on my essays and when I was stuck or confused on a certain topic, I was able to go to my group and get some much needed constructive criticism. These research groups also made it possible for me to learn things that I didn't know before about the topic that I was researching.



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