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Freedom Writers

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Essay Preview: Freedom Writers

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"Freedom Writers"

Listening to Erin Gruwell about her 150 students "The Freedom Writers" she wanted to make a change. Her students grew up in hell and were the lowest group of kids in the school grade wise. Gruwell, was not going to give up on them like all the other teachers. She did different things so they would earn her respect. Gruwell worked extra jobs so she could afford books because the school wouldn't support her. She says every person has a story to tell and she wanted her students to right theirs down. She also shows how hard work can pay off and you can do anything you set your mind to. Her students grew up in violence, gangs, drugs, abuse and no one had faith in them but she did. All her students stories where combined to make a book so their story could be heard.

Gruwell, clearly states that she was going to make a change for her students. She wanted them to be treated just as equal as all the other students. Breaking the cycle is what she called it. I agree with her about wanting the students to feel like they are equal because by doing that the students earned respect for her. No matter what she was not giving up on them like so many people did in their life. She made a toast for a change with her students so they can start over and fresh. She truly has a big heart and she looks at every one of her students as if they were her own children. In the end Gruwell, broke the cycle for good.

One of the main points to her story was that every person has a story to tell no matter what. By having her students all keep a journal is how their book "The Freedom Writers" came about by combining all their journals to make a book. Gruwell wanted her students stories to be heard. The book "The Freedom Writers" changed everyone of those kids life in a good way because they all got money for college out of it. Not only do I think the book changed there lives, Gruwell changed their lives too in a good way. I think what she did was great for her students it showed them that they can make a change in the world and can make a difference by telling each of their stories.

Hard work pays off in the long run and Gruwell shows us that. She worked extra jobs and spent her own money just to buy books and supplies for her students. She made her students realize that they can do anything if they set their mind to it. I totally agree with her showing and teaching her students not to give up and follow your dreams no matter where life takes you. All her students graduated and every single one went to college. She is truly an amazing, hard working teacher that would never give up on her students, she believed in them. Gruwell, is an inspiration to all teachers and students.



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