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Freedom Writers

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Essay Preview: Freedom Writers

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I believe freedom writers is an amazing, inspirational movie because it demonstrates how an effective teacher acts. Erin Gruwell is a teacher who had an idea of how she wanted to run her classroom and the expectations she had of her students. She was almost scared off at first by the violence and the non-caring attitudes of her students; however, she stuck it out and stayed with them and with her beliefs. By her staying and believing in those kids she turned around their 'let's just survive till we're 18' attitudes and got them to start believing in themselves and their talents. She turned them from at-risk kids and dropouts to high school graduates and college students. She overcame all the opposing forces against her that made her job difficult to do for what she thought was right for her kids. I believe that this is what being a teacher all is about. It's about fighting for what you believe is right and about fighting for your students' lives and futures. After all that's what we are talking about is the students futures because if we don't believe in them and don't push them to succeed then they will just give up on themselves. We need to put everything that we have and all that we are into our classrooms to be effective teachers. It's not just the at-risk or special needs kids either; it's all kids that need our help to reach their dreams. We as teachers need to take an oath to follow Erin's and other great teachers like her methods and ways to teach in order to help our students.



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