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Freshaman Experience and Reasons

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The reason why freshman succeed the first year is because they are scared of the new experience and don’t know what the teacher might do to them. Freshman are usually frightened of the upperclassmen and tend to be rather awkward. Making friends with these tendencies is difficult so they stick to their schoolwork.

The first reason they succeed is because they’re scared that if they mess up then it will affect their descent into college. For instance, there are two students and they are both freshman. One has college in mind while the other couldn’t care less about success and cares only about fun and barely getting by. They are assigned a paper that is due in three days, the boy that wants to get into college works on it for all three of those days while the other does the assignment the night before it’s due. The hard worker gets an A while the other gets a C.

The second reason is because they do not like to disappoint. When they disappoint someone important to them it ultimately means failure. They work hard so that they can make loved ones proud of them and when that happens they tend to work harder. There is a freshman who always get detention or gets sent to the principal's office. Everytime she gets it though she cries. The teachers believe it is because someone at home is abusing her but in reality the girl does not like it when her mom gets disappointed with her. This feeling makes her feel small and incompetent.

The last reason is that they just want to succeed in life and have a happy and healthy family later in life. They tend to realize that they can’t get a good job that pays very well without a degree in something. Working hard is their number one thing on the list and should be all through high school but after sophomore year they become lazier or more hard working, there is no inbetween. Their eagerness to pass is what helps them most of all though, not their knowledge.

After the new experience phase wears off they usually become more laid back and find systems in how to do their work and when it needs to be finished so they can do other things. Freshman work ethic is hard to compete with.



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