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General Values and Tradions

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Age, Values and Traditions

Age makes the biggest difference in people's lives. I believe the older you get the wiser you are. These days there are many types of fathers from teenagers to grandfathers. The generation a human being comes from shapes them and their family for the rest of their lives as tradition and morals are important.

Older fathers will adhere more ethics and morals on their children as they raise them. The fathers teach them to show respect to their elders and practice use of manners. Older fathers have enough experience to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. The older generation fathers tend to appreciate the things they have even if it is little. The father of an older generation will try to share this insight with their children, as they grow older to be thankful for what they have. As the world progresses into a more technological period kids become more spoiled and dependent on technology. The older generation had to learn surviving the hard way so they will not tend to spoil their children. Older fathers are generally wealthier than younger fathers and they are able to support their family more easily.

Younger fathers will bring their children up in a more relaxed manner. When young fathers are bringing their children up they don't have the whole day to baby sit and watch over their children. This will result in their children being led to the streets or maybe worse things. Younger fathers won't tend to practice teaching their children about morals and manners than the older generation would. Most young men are not ready to have children when they are still in education or working full time. It is hard to manage a child and work. It is important to be ready for the sake of the child so they don't turn out bad in life. Younger fathers are usually known to bring up kids into the world which they are not ready for. This is bad for the children as they are left confused and alone in the world. This has a very bad effect on the children, which will also affect their families.

It doesn't matter what age a father has their child, as long as they are ready to devote their full time and attention to making their child they best they possibly can be. In theory an ideal father would be someone who loves their child, supports them in what they need and cares for them.



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