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Chapter one starts out with the narrator Nick Carraway. Nick along with being the narrator is one of the main characters in this story. Nick explains himself to be a non-judgmental person; he does not jump to conclusions. In this chapter Nick also explains his background and the different areas of the Long Island where he lived. The West Egg is where all of the "new money" people live. The people who have recently became rich. The community of the West Egg does not associate with the community of the East Egg. The East Egg is made of people who do not care about their appearance or the appearance of the people around them. Nick lives in the West Egg, but unlike the other people that live there, he communicates with other people from the East Egg. Nick graduated from Yale, and is still around the East Egg community frequently. In this chapter Nick drove out to the East egg to see and have dinner with his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom. When Nick arrives he talks to Tom, Daisy, and Daisy's friend Jordan. Tom then starts to talk about his affairs like nothing is wrong. This hints to us that Daisy and Tom are having marital issues. After having dinner, Nick heads back home, there he see's Gatsby trying to reach out for a green light. Tom didn't really understand, but went along home.

The character that I'm going to focus on in this chapter is Nick Carraway. Nick is described to a person that does not criticize anyone. He described himself like this in this section "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had" (1) He tries to keep his own, and be unlike everyone else that lives on the West Egg with him. He lives on the West Egg, but is unlike all of the people that live on that side. Nick has a lot of good and bad qualities, some of his good qualities include not judging anyone, and standing alone. We know that he doesn't judge anyone because even though he is disgusted by what happened when he went out to dinner, he still doesn't judge Tom, but he also knows that this is wrong. Although Nick has a lot of good qualities Nick also is faced with some bad perceptions. Nick thinks of things in his own way, this could sometimes mess things up for him and his family. If he treats everyone good, and they are not good, it could come back and get him back. Sometimes Nick just needs to step back and understand what other people are trying to tell him.

Nick is a smart boy who graduated from Yale; he is known to be a smart person, so I believe he will make smart decisions throughout this novel. He will do this by not judging anyone, and keeping his own personality. Since it is made apparent will be a main character, he will change this novel significantly. This is also shown by his role as the narrator in this story. If no one phases him, he will make this novel very interesting.

One significant quote that caught my eye in this



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