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Government Control

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Some of the greatest nations in the history of the world were never characterized by any one single government system. I believe that finding the good in several different systems can build a nation that is independent, strong, and secure.

I truly believe that democracy in its basic fundamentals is the greatest form of government. Allowing individual freedoms but also keeping order is the hardest part of the democratic system. One idea to advance democracy is to take pieces from Socialism for healthcare. Healthcare in the United States has become bloated and entirely too expensive. Ensuring each resident has equal opportunity to affordable healthcare is a main priority. My mother has Multiple Sclerosis, which is considered a preexisting condition. Therefore, she cannot receive affordable healthcare in America. She didn't do anything to create this condition, so it is not fair for her to be excluded. However, the heroin addict living on government aid can receive care for free.

Another important aspect of my government system would be religion. For the last 2000 years, religion has directed many nations. From Rome to England, Israel to America, religion has often been the single most important factor in decision making. Keeping multiple religious factions happy as well as developing a culture of freedom is the difficult part. Allowing every resident to be free to worship any religion they see fit is truly important. Keeping religious influence out of government is very important as well. There should be a clear separation of church and state. This line has been muddied in America and I wouldn't want that to happen in my country. How do we have separation of church and state and yet a majority of our voting polling places are located at area churches? We want our population to vote without influence yet the pastor is standing at the door greeting people as they come and leave.

The voting practice would also need to be overhauled. I would do away with the Electoral College and allow each and every vote of the people to count. I would never want another election to happen where the candidate that received the most votes directly by the people was standing in second place at the finish line. Sure the Electoral College served its purpose when the population was extremely uneducated, but we live in a different world and not trusting our people to make an educated vote destroys any chance of trust.

The political parties in America have shut down the opinion and desire of so many people. Because the United States developed into a two party system over the course of its lifetime has taken the will of the people out of their hands. When you only offer two options, it alienates people who don't fit the exact mold of each party. By allowing multiple parties and factions to be heard and matter, it allows more people to participate in the political system. Whether tea party, republican, democrat, libertarian or



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