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Why the Government Should Not Control Our Diets

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Essay Preview: Why the Government Should Not Control Our Diets

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Why the government should not control our diets

Should the government have an opinion about our diets, however some people will disagree that the freedom of our choice to eat whatever we want, even though the government has the legal right to intrude on our freedom if it offend the rights of others. The government interferences with human health issue infringes on individual human health issue because of the 1st amendment. It cause challenges in one’s lifestyles and contributes to health issues. Many people may not have the finances to feed their families which could cause many problems in diets. Healthy food must be affordable, so that the poor population will have access to healthy food. “Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that cities and governments around the world are looking at more and more ways to be involved in our everyday lives” (Daniel, 2015). Unhealthy diets and roles of an early life experience contribute to obesity. Some research show that a role of depression, anxiety, self –esteem and not being satisfy with your body.  The experience of being obese is determined by having a condition that can be associated with a wide range of psychological issues and assess the potential impact of a stigma on motivation to change.

The key to the government controlling obesity is to regulate the food industry. There are so many different diets that the government recommend for us to follow. These diets are not healthy and people should have the rights to choose what diet they want to be on that is healthier for them. “The public is failing the government because the public is not doing what the government expects and wants people to do.”(Bakst, 2013) I think the government should not interfere in the basic but private parts of our lives.

Finally, a very important reason why the government should not have a say in our diets; there are so many health issue such as diabetes and psychological issue.  There are food that are allowed and forbidden with  people who has diabetes which they would have to be on a healthy diet followed by doctor order and not the government. People who has a diabetes has to eat lo carbs and sweet free diet but if the government controlling what they eat , how would have a healthy diet? They wouldn’t because they would not be able to eat the proper food to keep their diabetes under control. Not being able to choose their own diet causes stress, anxiety and depression be result of the government controlling our diets because we are not able to eat what we want or need in body. There are some many other psychological issue that can occur from us not being able to control our own diet.


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