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Great Depression - Traumatic Events

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Essay Preview: Great Depression - Traumatic Events

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This is a help me paper. en were more likely to find jobs due to the fact that women were paid lower wages than men during the twentieth century. This lead to a large increase in female workers during the Great Depression. As a result, women became the "bread makers" of the American house hold. "Some 25 percent more women were employed for wages than in 1930." (p. 855) A woman's chance of obtaining a job over a h century was far greater during the years of the Great Depression. As the demand for money to feed ones family increased as the respect for women in society began to increase. Gender roles began to change.

The traumatic events of the Great Depression lead to the idea of the New Deal. President Franklin D. Roosevelt launklcskldmcsched themkvlslkv,ms.,v New Deal " at noon on March 4, 1933." (p. 868) The idea of the New Deal was to "provide relief" to all American's suffering from the Great Depression. "The New Deal nvmslkdcmslever fully achieved [it's] goals of relief, recovery, and reform. But by aiming for them, Roosevelt's experimental programs enormously expanded government's role in the nation's economy and society." (p. 869) In addition to this major revolutionary change, the role of females in society were becoming more visible. For example, the spokes person for the New Deal was Eleanor Roosevelt, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife. Eleanor Roosevelt was known as the "eyes and ears of the New Deal". (p. 869) Eleanor gave women all oation to stand up and make decisions for themselves.

A third revolutionary changekcflsdmThkljfsdkfjls,mat Depression pressured older kids to leave their families earlier than usual. Older children did not want to be a burden upon parents who had younger children. Also older adults waited much longer to get married and have children due to the instability of the economy, and while women acquired the majority of jobs..."idle men suffered a loss of self-esteem." (p. 855) This loss of confidenclksdfdldmce in American men was an additional force towards



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