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Great Depression

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After the stock market crash, America was left in a wake called the Great Depression. During this time, Franklin Roosevelt was called into office as president. He had many ideas and plans that he was going to use to receive and effective answer to the great problems at the time. The New Deal plan held many of his thoughts and actions. It also stated that these actions would take effect within 100 days of him coming into office. The ideas and plans held promise within the federal government and effectiveness towards helping many during the Great Depression. Though many jobs and lives were harmed due to the Great depression, there wasn't much to be said about the women. They too had lost jobs but there wasn't much seen of them or their issues afterwards. Also, there were outbreaks of strikes due to the employer's refusals to follow the Plan. There were concerns about the causes of creating more jobs and better wages. They had promoting labor troubles, higher wages, shorter hours, and less profit for business. There's even a cartoon showing how President FDR is saying "It is evolution no revolution, gentlemen." This shows how his plans and the New Deal would help to change the federal government. There is an article called the "New Deal in Review" that states, "..This is not merely a matter of the addiction of many new agencies, but of the more efficient organization of the whole executive department..." This shows that the changes that the New Deal had in mind for adding in new organizations might not have the wanted result because of the fact that they didn't have much to back them up.

The Depression was a hard time and the New Deal was a great idea by Franklin Roosevelt. It brought with it changes to our federal government. The effectiveness of these responses were great. They had a great influence upon how the jobs were run and how the unemployed could succeed.



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