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Group Dynamics for Teams

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Essay Preview: Group Dynamics for Teams

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Discuss in detail how your organization has addressed the issue of teams based on Hackman's (1987) research as presented on page 28 of Group Dynamics for Teams.

Team building in the law firm where I work starts with the type of case that will be assigned. It all depends on whether it's a car accident, medical malpractice, airplane crash, etc. The team to handle the particular case is put together based on their experience and performance on past similar cases. The team leader would be the lead attorney on the case. This team would be put together from hand-picked individuals consisting of legal secretaries, paralegals, associates attorney and one or two lead attorneys. These individuals are professionals having specific specialties and experiences to deal with the type of case being assigned.

1. Clear direction and goals:

Once the case is assigned to the lead attorney, he will choose his team to work on the case. He usually does not include an associate attorney at the inception of the team unless it is someone he is training and needs to acquire experience, or it is decided that they need one who has a specific knowledge or experience required from the beginning on a particularly hard case. A team meeting is organized where we get an overview of the case and information on any particular issues that may have already been identified. We analyze where we stand on the case and where we want to go with it. Utilizing this information to get a sense of direction and establishing our case goals.

2. Good leadership:

The lead attorney will manage the team while overseeing the case. As with all teams,

there will be there ups and downs. The lead attorney will manage the situations as they present themselves and where possible, when he foresee a situation forthcoming, establishing the protocol of handling it to a successful conclusion.

3. Tasks suited for teamwork:

The whole case becomes one major task. With its complexities, various issues, pitfalls

and setbacks which involve intricate problems that go hand in hand with the heart of the case. The team as a whole comes together to work on finding solutions for the issues at hand. We do legal research, consult with each other or even with outside experts in an effort to prepare and resolve the problem. We establish a course of action and go forward until we come to a resolution. It's like putting out fires, every time one arises, we run to put it out with our combined efforts.

4. Resources:

Our firm has great resources at the disposition of the team. We are given access to

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