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Group Research Report

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Essay Preview: Group Research Report

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You are required to work in a group of minimum three people enrolled in the course to prepare a 500 words proposal of your research essay (refer to Part B). You must clearly indicate:

* the members in your group,

* Sub topics/issues to be addressed,

* Timeline and tasks allocation.

* In your proposal, you are expected to give a brief overview of the topics and areas in your companies that you plan to research on. Therefore, it is important that your selection of companies enables you to do so. This means that you should start your project as soon as possible and consult refereed journals, contemporary news materials, company's websites and publications etc to obtain information and scholarly discussions of your company, topics and issues/areas. You should seek advice/ help from your lecturer when in doubt.

* List the refereed academic journal articles that you plan to include in your report. Non inclusion of these will incur a penalty of 2 marks.

Due Date: RMIT Week 4 by Monday 9 am

Length: 500 words

Marks: 5 marks

Part B Group Research Report 25%

RESEARCH QUESTION - Semester 2, 2011

You are to research three listed companies (listed on any of the following stock exchanges: London, New York, Australian, any Asian) from one of these sectors: real estate, shipping, food.

Critically identify, discuss and compare specific sub topics/ issues under the following topics in relation to the companies:

* Natural Environment,

* Work place ethics.

You are required to write a report on how your nominated companies are dealing with the relevant issues selected (relevance, risks or problems), and provide recommendations on how issues/matters could be improved etc. Make sure that your report can reasonably substantiate your discussion.

Compulsory criteria:

You must include at least four refereed academic journal articles in relation to the topics. Anonymous, blogs, media (newspaper articles), online non journal articles DO NOT COUNT towards this requirement but can be included as additional references in your report. Try to use articles that are most relevant to the sub topics/ issues that you plan to discuss under these topics. The articles do NOT need to discuss the companies that you have selected specifically. 2 marks per ABSENT article will be deducted. .

You must include the



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