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Last update: June 16, 2015
  • Research Case

    Research Case

    Business Research Part I Research shows that the recent decline in sales has come from losing customers; we have found the need to conduct further research to determine why we are losing customers. With our internal research and market analysis we will be able to pinpoint the problem and come to a resolution that will benefit both the customer and the company. We will review our internal processes as well as survey our current customers

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    Submitted: February 27, 2013 Essay by 2942butch
  • Steward Research Inc. - Case 7.1

    Steward Research, Inc. - Case 7.1 In market research data is collected from several sources and an assortment of methods are used in its collection. These sources can be in form of a secondary or primary source. These sources could be in survey, experiment, or observation forms. Each method has its pros and cons. It is not necessary to cover the opinions on everyone involved; this is when a sample will work in the research

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  • Conducting Sociological Research Breastfeeding

    Conducting Sociological Research Breastfeeding

    Conducting Sociological Research Breastfeeding It has been said, "breast is best". According to the article Why Breastfeeding is Important on the web site womanshealth.gov, early breast milk is liquid gold. The first thick milk called colostrum is rich in nutrients and antibodies. This milk matures by the end of the first week becoming thinner, more watery but still contains the necessary nutrients, sugar, fats and protein that are perfect for a growing infant along with

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  • Pfizer Inc Case Study - Research Paper

    Pfizer Inc Case Study - Research Paper

    Pfizer Inc Case Study - Research Paper. Print version essayconditions to the disadvantage of competitors. I AN C. MACMILLAN Nothing focuses the mind better than the constant sight of a competitor who wants to wipe you off the map. W AY N E C A L L O W AY [ chapter objectives ] After studying this chapter, you should be able to do the following: 1. Describe how to conduct an external strategicmanagement audit.

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  • Preparing to Conduct Business Research

    Preparing to Conduct Business Research

    Introduction The business research process is a series of steps that are completed in an order that has been determined as the most highly effective. Although these steps can vary slightly based on the industry and the objective, the overall order typically remains the same. The initial step is determining the issue or opportunity, and establishing the purpose behind the research so that all parties involved are aligned. In the situation chosen for this particular

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    Submitted: March 7, 2013 Essay by Charnae3
  • Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1

    Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1

    Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1 Stephen F Lundberg, Jason Moore, Christina Pleasant, Andrew Inman, Raymond E. Williams, Rachael Goldman RES/351 2/19/2013 Kim Gravelle Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1 The Hypotheses The research questions used to answer this dilemma are critical. First, we must identify or clarify the question. When this topic is stripped down to the underlying point, it asks, "What factors are preventing a good store in a marketable area

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    Submitted: March 9, 2013 Essay by rwilliamssr
  • Video Case: Gm Global Research Network

    Video Case: Gm Global Research Network

    Chapter 7 - Designing Organizational Structure Video Case: GM Global Research Network Drivers want cars that are expressive with a strong sense of identity. Automobile manufacturers spend millions of dollars to design vehicles that will resonate with buyers. Years before new models go into production, engineers are at work seeking the next level of innovation in design and functional and safety features. To lay the groundwork for new generations of cars and trucks, General Motors

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    Submitted: July 4, 2013 Essay by kanikao
  • Intel Case Study (spanish)

    Intel Case Study (spanish)

    Preguntas del caso 1. Was the Intel Inside campaign worth it? What were the factors that led to its success? Creo que la pregunta sale sobrando, debido al éxito que tuvo la campaña Intel Inside. Simplemente si uno escucha esas cuatro notas del comercial, ¿quién no piensa inmediatamente en Intel ?. Desde mi punto de vista, por supuesto que valió la pena la campaña, sólo hay que ver algunos números: para 1993, 80% de las

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  • Agt Case Study

    Agt Case Study

    Objectives of Research Project The primary ojective of this research project is to determine if there is a potential market for an amusement park in Karachi. This all encompassing objective can be broken down into the following sub objectives: estimating the potential demand for an amusement park in Karachi, determining the primary target market and understanding the needs of this target market. In order for a survey to satisfy its objectives, the survey questions asked

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    Submitted: November 17, 2010 Essay by people
  • Apple Inc - Case Study on Agency Theory

    Apple Inc - Case Study on Agency Theory

    CASE STUDY ON AGENCY THEORY Apple Inc started operations in early 1970. The company produces specialized items for manufacturing cars. Most of the raw materials used are imported from Brazil because the cost is low and the labor is very cheap. The CEO for Apple Inc, Mr Rodriguez, makes every attempt to keep the cost at the lowest. From 1970 to 2000 net income has increased at a rate of at least 25% per year.

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    Submitted: November 24, 2010 Essay by people
  • Company Case: Toyota Prius: Leading a Wave of Hybrids

    Company Case: Toyota Prius: Leading a Wave of Hybrids

    1. What micro environmental factors affected both the first generation and second generation models of the Toyota Prius? How well has Toyota dealt with these factors? [10 marks] In order for the reader to have an understanding of this question is important to begin by defining Micro-environment. This term is a factor of the Marketing Environment and it consists of the issues that, in one way or another, affect the company's ability to serve its

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    Submitted: November 30, 2010 Essay by people
  • A Case Study on Vora and Company

    A Case Study on Vora and Company

    A CASE ANALYSIS OF VORA AND COMPANY PRESENTED BY PRASOON GARG EN. NO. 10BSP0920 SECTION D Introduction to the Case: This case is about Vora and Company, established in December 1963 by M.C. Vora, which manufactures Blossom quick cooking oats. The company was located in Lucknow. The company was suffering with lower sales and losses. This case discuss about various strategies adopted by the company, their strengths and weaknesses and in that way it

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    Submitted: December 5, 2010 Essay by people
  • Ust Tobacco Company Case Study

    Ust Tobacco Company Case Study

    UST has been a dominant company in the tobacco industry especially, in the moist tobacco industry. The company internalizes conservative debt policy and high dividend payout. UST is planning to buy back its shares which would help boost returns to stock-market investors, companies do not always use them just to demonstrate that their stock is undervalued, or to distribute excess cash to shareholders. However, the company is confronted with legislative and legal issues. Nevertheless, consumer

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  • The Case of the Unidentified Industries

    The Case of the Unidentified Industries

    The Case of the Unidentified Industries A-Department stores- would fit this financial data because their long-term debt stands outs it shows that this department store must borrow a lot of money to finance their inventories and buildings. They have an average inventory turnover rate which means that they currently efficient. This firm overall is at a good pace and its generates a lot of asset. Its shows little signs of any deffieciency except for the

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    Submitted: December 8, 2010 Essay by people
  • Shouldice Hospital Case Study

    Shouldice Hospital Case Study

    Memorandum To: Russell Lacey From: Julio Touma Date: September 8, 2010 Rec: Shouldice Hospital Limited Summary Shouldice Hospital is a hospital and clinic located in the suburb in the Toronto area in Canada. This is a very unique health facility because it only deals with abdominal hernias operations. Dr. Earle Shouldice, the founder of the hospital, developed a unique technique to operate these external hernias that mainly deals with the fact that the operations are

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  • Volvo Case South Korea

    Volvo Case South Korea

    1. What was South Korea's political ideology prior to 1990? What caused the changes in ideology in the 1990's? Explain briefly South Korea's ideology from 1990's onwards. Which country was South Korea's role model? South Korea's history is marked by alternating periods of democratic and autocratic rule. Civilian governments are conventionally numbered from the First Republic of Syngman Rhee to the contemporary Sixth Republic. Prior to 1990: Despite the economic growth and results in diplomacy,

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  • Case Study: Procter & Gamble Company

    Case Study: Procter & Gamble Company

    P & G Ldl Case Case Study: Procter & Gamble Company (A) Assigned By. : Prof. Ruppal W Sharma Dated: 10th December 2010 Submitted By. : Name: Roll No.:37 Manoj Kumar Jha Name: Roll No.:35 Manish Ranjan Final Strategy P & G should go ahead with launching a new brand of LDL having H-80 formula targeting the segment emphasizing upon enhanced performance. Reasons: * Population shows increasing trend from 70 to 95 million and with

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  • Walmart's World Case Study

    Walmart's World Case Study

    Organizational Behavior Group Assignment WalMart's World Case Study Ans1) Keeping in mind Walmart's Culture there are many instances where they capture the seven primary characteristics of an organization's culture. The seven Characteristics that they capture are: 1. Provide Recognition 2. Inspiration for the employee 3. Coach their employee 4. Communicate Fully 5. Face up to poor performance 6. Promote Teamwork 7. Listen and involve Instances: 1. Mr. Walton called his Workers "Associates" to emphasize that

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  • Marketing Product Failure Research

    Marketing Product Failure Research

    2.What lessons one can learn from DuPont's success and failure? Many lessons were learnt from success and failure stories of DuPont. They are summarized as follows: * Investments such as in research and development must be able to have payoffs in the long term. * High expectations due to previous breakthrough successes. * There is a huge amount of uncertainty since there is no guarantee of every research being used successful in its innovation. It

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  • Research Methods - What Are Qualitative Methods for Business?

    Research Methods - What Are Qualitative Methods for Business?

    Knowing what you target market is looking for is very important. QMC needs to research target market income, prices they are willing to pay for a product like ours, and where they are likely to buy it. Once we know this we can set prices accordingly, and advertise in areas that will effectively market our product. To go about this we will use quantitative and qualitative methods such as surveys and interviews. What are qualitative

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    Submitted: January 1, 2011 Essay by people
  • Sexual Harassment: You Decide Case Study

    Sexual Harassment: You Decide Case Study

    Sexual Harassment: You Decide Case Study Teaching Notes: (1) What body of laws governs sexual harassment in the workplace? (2) What is the difference between express and implied sexual behavior? (3) Why are supervisors and not fellow employees subject to liability for quid pro quo sexual harassment? 4. What is the difference between quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment harassment There are two types of sexual harassment. The first is known as quid

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  • Hspa - Research Methods Paper Guidelines

    Hspa - Research Methods Paper Guidelines

    Each HSPA student must demonstrate the ability to use appropriate doctoral-level research methods by submitting an empirical research paper. The paper must be approved by the student's advisor and the HSPA research methods coordinator (currently Professor Will Dow). This requirement must be met before the student can take the oral qualifying examination. There is considerable flexibility in the research paper requirement, depending on each student's area of interest and expertise. The paper could be an

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  • Dell Case Study

    Dell Case Study

    I. Background Michael Dell started running business in computers when he was in college. He bought random access memory chips and disk drives for IBM PCs at cost from IBM dealers, who had excess supplies on hand because they were required to order large monthly quotas from IBM. Dell's sales grown up to $80,000 per month and because of his success he decided to drop out of college and form a company. His company was

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  • Blue Mountain Resort Case Analysis

    Blue Mountain Resort Case Analysis

    Introduction On December 2, 1999, Dave Sinclair vice-president of human resources at Blue Mountain Resorts was looking at furthering his service quality program by introducing three new proposals to the company executive team on Monday December 5th. Blue Mountain had been using the service quality program for the past nine years, and has improved their service rated by the customers every year. The three proposals that Dave is reviewing are ways to enhance the

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  • Case Study Analysis on Klenmaid

    Case Study Analysis on Klenmaid

    Assignment 01 HC3141International Strategic Management 01. Identify the key business drivers that influence the success of the appliance industry The environment is what gives organizations their means of survival. In the private sector, satisfied customers are what keep an organization in business in the public sector; it is government, clients, patients or students that typically play the same role. Kleenmaid develop the key business drivers for gain their vision company develop the business environment which

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