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Res341 - Memo - Comprehensive Sales Research Report

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Essay Preview: Res341 - Memo - Comprehensive Sales Research Report

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Aquine Division


To: Howard Grey (CEO)

From: Ashley Brock (Quality Control Manager)

CC: Jean Dubois (V.P. Mechanical Watches Division).Uma Gardner (V.P. Production of Mechanical Watches) and Amanda Hamilton (V.P. Marketing)

Date: 6/15/2011

Re: Comprehensive Sales Research Report

The purpose of this memo is to inform you that the Comprehensive Sales Research Report for the mechanical watches division has been completed and is ready to be put into motion. The meeting held in June brought two issues up that have been requested to be addressed immediately.

When using the statistical tools such as probability distribution and the Central Limit Theorem this helps to make decisions about purchasing machinery. Although the goal is to complete the simulation called "Using Probability Distribution in Research Simulation," the stakeholders obtain different points of view on what direction the corporation pursues.

Howard Grey is convinced if the quality is not perfect, then the watches do not have a chance succeeding in the selling market. Jean Dubois believes that the company is not advertising the product effectively. Uma Gardner believes the components purchased are quality pieces; however, they don't have a formal quality control process. While Amanda Hamilton believes the quality of the watches is the reason for falling sales.

In the second month, the sample data showed a rejection rate of 60% on three tests. Using the Central Limit Theorem, I reason that the sample mean and standard deviation were convenient conclusions for the population mean and standard deviation. To minimize the rejection rate in the assessment of various settings, you can be confident that upgrading the machines would make the watch run precise in multiple stages.

Within the third month of reviewing the simulation, a decision was made about purchasing machinery and which ones to buy. I chose to buy the poison and timing machine, and the customized movement holders. These three machineries were selected to enhance the making of the company's merchandise. The poison machine is used to balance the wheel. This is important because it checks the precise movements in different settings. A timing machine is a vital tool for watchmakers which allow them to analyze the movements' functions. This timing machine is also used as a diagnostic tool while constructing the movement and used as a final time regulation tool. The timing machines are able to give daily rate, the beat error and the aptitude on the LCD screen. The customized movement holder keeps the base plate sturdy so the other components can be constructed to it.

After reviewing all the stakeholders' recommendations,



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