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Happiness and Optimism

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Essay Preview: Happiness and Optimism

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Happiness and Optimism together are two powerful components. Optimism can also be looked upon as only of the key ingredient for sustainable happiness. According to Bob and Alicia, They reveal the 8 fundamental things you can do to experience happiness and optimism.

Attachment to others: They talk about trying to reestablish a connection with people you haven't been about to talk with in the past. This puts you in a happy-mode after you have a conversation with that individual about each others past.

Self - Esteem: Next time, you say something- make sure you know what you are saying. This can help you prevent from saying a self-degrading comment and avoid the way others see you. It quite hard to prevent this mistake. But, sometimes its better be silent.

Autonomy: Basically, it means you will have to go out and make healthy and pleasant conversations with random people. This is just to get a feel of "who is in control" and "better confidence". This is absolutely true; I practice this method when I am at a party. I make friends quite fast when I choose this method.

Competence: Engage in a conversation with a loved one. Ask them what are the things they think that you have done well. A positive feedback from a loved one or someone other than yourself can bring in confidence in yourself and will help you love yourself.

Purpose of Life: Ask yourself, what would be your purpose in life other than making money. To better understand, what you have to achieve in this life to get sustainable happiness.

Spirituality: Build a list of things that can help you find comfort in times of trouble. Some people find spirituality as a source of weapon against sorrow and depression.

Connection to the body: Throw out any kind of visual representations of impossible looking men or women. Learnt to accept what you are. Try to improve your body too.

Connection to the nature: Explore nature by taking a brisk walk at the park. Observe and watch how the animals do their interesting ways of surviving.

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